Kosher Mikveh at Beth David Synagogue

A mikveh is a pool of water, used by men and women, for immersion. In the Jewish tradition, immersion in the mikveh leads to a state of ritual purity.  No other religious act touches every aspect of life as it washes away what was and gives birth to the new. Beth David Synagogue is pleased to maintain a clean and heated kosher mikveh for spiritual and ritual use by the Jewish community. It is available to women and men for regular or occasional use, and to rabbis for the purpose of conversion of their students.

Beth David Kosher MikvehFor information about using the mikveh, download the Mikveh Information Sheet or email

Mikveh History

A major function of the mikveh is for conversion to Judaism. The rabbis understood our ancestors’ immersions at Mt. Sinai, before revelation, as completing the conversion process they had begun in Egypt with circumcision.  To this day converts to Judaism immerse in a mikveh, symbolically emerging as if from amniotic waters to a new life and identity.

Who Uses a Mikveh?

Throughout Jewish history, women have immersed in the mikveh prior to their wedding and continued to use it at the end of each monthly menstrual cycle, elevating the level of spirituality in their relationship and infusing their family life with holiness.  Adults using the mikveh must be Jewish or candidates for conversion; babies must be at least 4 months old, in good health and able to hold their head up.