High Holidays 2018: Q&A


Have questions about High Holidays at Beth David?  Well look no further! 

Part 1:

  1. Will be the traditional service be the same?
    • Absolutely! It will be our same traditional service with new energy!
  2. I heard about a second service, what’s that all about?
    • There will be an abbreviated service, called Mevuar, on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre, and Yom Kippur offered in addition to the traditional service.  Mevuar means annotated or explained in Hebrew.  This service is like an “on-ramp” for navigating the High Holiday services.  You will learn and get acquainted with the service and melodies.  Read more about it in Rabbi Ben-Gideon’s July/August bulletin column (click here to access).
  3. Will there be something for my children?
    • Yes! There will be children’s programming for 1st through 7th grade with Jason Cathcart, Beth David’s new Director of Education.
    • There will be a special Toddler and Parent experience!
    • Babysitting will be available.
  4. Where will Rabbi Joshua Ben-Gideon be?
    • The rabbi will be in the main sanctuary through the holiday services.

Part 2:

  1. With two services, when will we be together?
    • The Mevuar service will join the traditional service in time for Rabbi Joshua Ben-Gideon’s sermon and we will stay together until the end of services.
  2. How will I know the melodies we’re using?
    • We’ve uploaded the melodies to our website. Click here to listen and become familiar with the tunes before the holidays.
  3. Where will the services be held?
    • The traditional service will be in the main sanctuary.
    • The Mevuar service will be in the Beth David building.
    • The children’s, toddler/parent service and babysitting will be held in the B’nai Shalom wing.
  4. How will seating work? 
    • The blue seats will be reserved for their owners.  Some blue seats may be open, please ask an usher.  All other seats will be available as usual.
    • If you attend the Mevuar service, you will be able to reserve your seat in the main sanctuary.