Middot HaLev

Middot HaLev

Middot HaLev: Lessons For The Heart is a new mindfulness group that is forming. We will be exploring one of the deepest and most comprehensive rabbinic teachings on how to live a good, meaningful life using the book With Heart In Mind by Alan Morinis. Through short, powerful chapters of four or five pages, Morinis explores this key Rabbinic teaching, which lists 48 qualities a person should master in order to absorb and embody Torah in his or her heart.

Led by Andra LeBauer, Jason Cathcart and Rabbi Joshua Ben-Gideon, our class will use study and mindfulness practice to explore how each of these middot (values) is central in Torah and essential to meaningful and intentional living.

Andra and Rabbi Ben-Gideon will lead a session for adults and Jason will lead a session for children that explores each value.

We will gather in person once per month to study a particular middah (value), to engage in mindfulness practice to explore it within ourselves, and to learn one way to take this value and work on it throughout the following week.

In weeks when we don’t gather, participants in this class will receive short videos (through a private Facebook group) from our teachers that explore that week’s particular value in Torah and how to bring it into our lives.