One Shul One Book: Taking Hold of Torah

January – May, various locations, days and times

Professor Arnold Eisen has conducted seminal studies of the American Jewish community in his role as the preeminent sociologist of the American Jewish community. Yet it was his writing of his book, Taking Hold of Torah, that made him the perfect choice to lead the Jewish Theological Seminary. In this book, Chancellor Eisen develops and shares his vision for modern, traditional and egalitarian Jewish community. It is a remarkable book and a wonderful opportunity to study and discuss with our rabbi as we chart our course for the future.
The title of the book is based upon the way Jewish tradition guides us on the bimah when we have an Aliyah to the Torah. As we recite the blessings over the Torah, we are meant to take hold of the Atzei Chayim, literally the Trees of Life—or more specifically, the Torah scroll’s spindles. As we bless God for the gift of the Torah, we are meant to show that it is ours.

Come be a part of the conversation! Reading Groups will read and discuss the book over five meetings from January through May. Rabbi Ben-Gideon will provide guiding materials and be involved with each group. Please express your interest in signing up to participate and/or form and host a group in your home.