Shabbat Services and Minyans at Beth David Synagogue

Kabbalat Shabbat

Kabbalat Shabbat services begin at 5:45 pm every Friday evening at Beth David. This intimate service lasts one hour and is a tradition at Beth David. Want to participate?

Shabbat Services

Beth David Synagogue Sanctuary

Shabbat Services begin at 9:30 am every Shabbat. Our services include participation by many members of our congregation. Want to participate?

Shabbat for Children

Beth David Children's Activities

Prayer, activities and discussions for families and pre-B’nai mitzvah age.

Beth David Synagogue Minyans

Beth David Daily Minyans Greensboro NC

Daily Minyans

Mincha services are held Saturday afternoons through Thursday afternoons at 5:45 pm in the Beth David Chapel. If a minyan is moved, we notify you by email and post signs on the synagogue doors.

Thursday Morning

Every Thursday, we hold a 7:00 am minyan. We read Torah, and many congregants use tefillin (which may be stored in our chapel). We will be delighted to show you how to use tefillin and have sets to share.

Shiva Minyans

When there is a death, we often move our minyan to the home of the bereaved family and we notify you by email and post signs on the synagogue doors.

Abbotswood Minyans

We have many congregants who live at Abbotswood, and we look forward to sharing afternoon minyan services there on the first Monday of every month.