Sponsor a Kiddush

Kiddush lunches after Shabbat services are a time to celebrate the special events in our lives. They’re also a time to sit and talk to friends, old and new and to build community.

Would you like to sponsor a Kiddush luncheon? Too expensive, you say? Not if we do it together. Each month has its share of simchas – birthdays, anniversaries, new grandchildren, promotions, graduations, etc. Join with others and share the cost to celebrate with your friends at Beth David.  The Beth David kitchen offers a range of menus from $225 -$425 (and up) for a Kiddush luncheon buffet in the social hall for about 70 people. If the total contributions to the Kiddush fund for a given month don’t total a minimum of $225, the amount can be carried over to the next month for a dual-month celebration.

What do you need to do? Contribute to the Kiddush fund and specify which month it is for and what your celebration is; for example, June birthday; May anniversary; August, new grand-daughter. Your celebration will be printed in the weekly bulletin.

Would you like more information? Contact Ruth Hoffman at baberuth8888@gmail.com or Lynn Zimmerman at lwzimmerman@sbcglobal.net.