Thank you from Men’s Club!

To all of you Men’s Club members (and a Sisterhood member) who prepared, served, collected money and/or cleaned up after the June 4, 2018 Israel Scouts Hot Dog Supper — on behalf of our Men’s Club President Hal Pines and our Beth David Congregation and others, thank you for a very fine and successful job, indeed!

Erica Aronson, again, worked very hard to arrange the Israel Scouts Caravan visit to Greensboro with multiple performances in addition to the Men’s Club sponsored show at Beth David after the hot dog supper.

Volunteers included: Don Henza, Stu Kouchel, George Rubenstein, Alex Aronson (also Sarah and Rebecca), Bill Meyerhoffer, Andrew Mbuvi, Fred Pearlman, David Weiner, Stu and Barbara Teichman.

Thank you to all dues paying Men’s Club members, some of whom volunteer their time when possible and some of whom don’t have time, as yet, to volunteer.  We understand.

Thank you to our leader, Joy Thomas, who always goes beyond her role as Mashgiach to work alongside us.

Thank you to Steve Schub, our Synagogue’s Facilities Manager, who always does unbelievable physical feats to achieve a perfectly-arranged social hall.

Thank you to Audrey Krakovitz, our Synagogue’s Director of Congregational Services, who skillfully promoted the Israel Scouts Caravan Dekel and hot dog supper.

The Israel Scouts Caravan is a prime example of Men’s Club’s many programs to benefit the Beth David congregation — all ages — with financial and manpower support. Men’s Club and Sisterhood play a vital role in Synagogue life. We value your support.

Stu Teichman, Men’s Club