Yahrzeits – November 2018

In the event of a death
Upon the death of a Beth David member or a member’s loved one, please contact Rabbi Ben-Gideon at 608.320.5352 or the synagogue Executive Director, Corie Hampton, at 704.909.9383.  If the death occurs on Shabbat or a Jewish holiday (sundown to sundown), please know our response may be delayed until the holiday ends. 

If you are unable to reach Rabbi Ben-Gideon or Corie Hampton, you may contact Hanes-Lineberry Funeral Home (336.272.5157) or Forbis & Dick Funeral Services (336.275.8408).  These funeral homes have conducted many Jewish funerals in Greensboro.   Let them know you are a member of Beth David Synagogue and they will assist you.memorial-candle-clip-art

*Italics indicate there is a plaque for the deceased on a Beth David Memorial Board.
If you wish to purchase a yahrzeit plaque for a loved one, please click here, or contact the synagogue office at 336.294.0007.

November Yahrzeits

November 1
Maurice Kaye, father of Neil Kaye, grandfather of Anita Hyman

November 2
Julius Cahn, father of Helene Weinstein
Ella Gothelf, aunt of John Stein
Gerald Grossman, uncle of Jillian Reich

November 3
Lillian Einzig, grandmother of Dianne Schlanger
Ellen Anflick

November 4
David Politis, great-uncle of Evelyn Mordechai

November 5
Irwin Beckenstein, grandfather of Amanda Mbuvi
Tillie Friedman, aunt of Vicki Strasser
Sidney LeBauer, father of Eugene LeBauer, Samuel LeBauer, & Joseph LeBauer
David Wolf, father of Melody Glick

November 6
Dina K. Ackermann, mother of Victor Ackermann
Ellis Berlin, husband of Ellen Berlin, father of Carol Silverman
Rhoda Schaefer, sister of Robert Levin
Edward Smith, father of Sarah Malino

November 7
Helen Breslow, mother of George Breslow
Joan Fox, mother of Susan Robinson
Bernard Gottlieb, father of Andrea Kabat
William Rosenstein, father of David Rosenstein
Roger Weinstein, son of Helene Weinstein

November 8
Betty Bergman, mother of Howard Bergman
Andrew David Goldenberg, brother of Marc Goldenberg
David Lundy, uncle of Leon Davidowitz & Mark Davidowitz

November 9
Louis N. Levy, father of Stephen Levy
Violet Malevan, mother of Gail LeBauer

November 10
Harold Coseo, father of Jerry Coseo
Else Guthmann, mother of Peter Guthmann
Woodrow Ledbetter, father of John Ledbetter
Evelyn Stone, aunt of Ann Saab

November 11
Hilda Gave, mother of Dianne Schlanger
Josef Katz, grandfather of Jenny Schultz
Harriett Leibowitz, mother of Lori Heimann
Sophie Saunders, aunt of Leonard Samet, Norman Samet, & Mollie Lafferman
David S. Schandler, father-in-law of Deborah Schandler, grandfather of Linda Newman
Chia Pesa bat Simcha, grandmother of Mort Ershler

November 12
Charlotte Krensky, mother of Jackie Davidowitz

November 13
Esther Harrison, mother of Irene Cohen
Jerome Procton, husband of Eleanor Procton

November 14
Marilyn Rothenberg, mother of Debra Kaufman
Victoria Silber, grandmother of Debra Silber

November 15
Lori Kaplan, sister of Randall Kaplan & Scott Kaplan
Aron Katz, father of Helen Avraham-Katz

November 16
Elaine Cohen Berg, mother of Ellen Samet, grandmother of Mindy Andrews
Florence Blumenstein, mother of Frances Moff
Ruth Fields, grandmother of Marc Fields
Harry Silverman, father of Josef Silverman
Mary Bernard

November 17
Zolman “Zol” Kutchei, father of Mindy Kutchei
David D Miller, uncle of Ken Miller

November 18
Samuel Fox, father of Yudit Natkin
Marilyn S. Henick, wife of Sandy Henick
Fenton Kintzing, father of Deborah Kintzing
Bertha Lafferman, mother of David Lafferman
Jack London, father of Andrew London
Fannie Rimsky, aunt of Charles Myers
Eva Rosenstein, mother of David Rosenstein
Anna Schiff, grandmother of Mark Miller
G. Fred Steele, father of Bob Steele
Dena Stein, grandmother of Merrianne Leff

November 19
Abe Brenner, father of Frank Brenner
Morris Levitin, father of Peter Levitin
Margarita Matsas, aunt of Evelyn Mordechai
Louis Schneiderman, father-in-law of Joan Schneiderman
Sylvia Silver, mother-in-law of Eileen Silver, grandmother of Philip Silver
Aaron Weinstein, grandfather of Deborah Miller

November 20
Mendel Biderman, grandfather of Michael Berkelhammer
Mary Brewer Fisher, mother of Sarah Pearlman, grandmother of Fred Pearlman
Seymour Wineburgh, father of Terrie Jacobsson
Anne Wolkenberg, mother of Joan Biller

November 21
Herschel E. Bershtein, causin of Hinda Berkelhammer
Harold Solomon Levin, brother of Sandra Kaye
Nathan Lubitz, grandfather of Frances Freeman
Leonard Sclare, father of Karen Sclare

November 22
Jack Biller, father of Robert Biller
David Medoff, father of Alan Medoff, grandfather of Jeffrey Medoff
Telka bas Katz

November 23
Irene Milberg, aunt of Linda Newman
Bessie Piltz, grandmother of Susan Pinsker

November 24
Jack Goler, father of Rosalind Weinstraub

November 25
Margery Gordon, aunt of Sara Hoffmaan
Henry Green, father of Ronald Green
Seymour Mann, cousin of Ellen Berlin & Carol Silverman
Bill Miller, father of Ken Miller
Ralph Yermovsky, grandfather of Erica Aronson

November 26
Morris Jacobs, father of Richard Jacobs
Rose Weinstein, mother-in-law of Albert Jacobson
Manuel Shelsky

November 27
Elky Barnett, father of Annette Davis
David Benkovski, father of Anna Starobin
Edward Bowen, brother of Andrew Bowen
Lena Kaplan, grandmother of Terri Jacobsson
Alexander Podlipsky, father of Karen Gould
David Thomas Pottinger, father of Ann Saab

November 28
Anna Lou Cassell, mother of Sara Lee Saperstien, William Cassell, & special friend of Albert Jacobson
Gertrude Levitin, mother of Peter Levitin
Betsion Osipova, mother of Joseph Starobin
Dorothy Edoff

November 29
Harry Berger, father of Shirley Fields, grandfather of Andrew Fields
Harvey Forman, father of Marilyn Chandler
Jeannette (Jan) Levy, mother of Alan Bardy, Carole Krusch & Eileen Silver, grandmother of Michael Krusch
Norman Silver, husband of Eileen Silver, uncle of Philip Silver
Louis Sutker, father of Edith Peiser
Blanche Weinman, mother of Nahomi Harkavy

November 30
Lillian Leah Kabat, grandmother of Jay Kabat
Samuel Kraus, grandfather of Leonard Samet, Mollie Lafferman, & Norman Samet
Montague Weinberg, father of Howard Weinberg
Joseph Yager, husband of Maxine Yager