Yahrzeits – December 2018

In the event of a death
Upon the death of a Beth David member or a member’s loved one, please contact Rabbi Ben-Gideon at 608.320.5352 or the synagogue Executive Director, Corie Hampton, at 704.909.9383.  If the death occurs on Shabbat or a Jewish holiday (sundown to sundown), please know our response may be delayed until the holiday ends. 

If you are unable to reach Rabbi Ben-Gideon or Corie Hampton, you may contact Hanes-Lineberry Funeral Home (336.272.5157) or Forbis & Dick Funeral Services (336.275.8408).  These funeral homes have conducted many Jewish funerals in Greensboro.   Let them know you are a member of Beth David Synagogue and they will assist you.memorial-candle-clip-art

*Italics indicate there is a plaque for the deceased on a Beth David Memorial Board.
If you wish to purchase a yahrzeit plaque for a loved one, please click here, or contact the synagogue office at 336.294.0007.

December Yahrzeits

December 1
Stanley Shavitz, husband of Phyllis Shavitz & father of Steve Shavitz
Martin R. Snow, husband of Rita Snow
Paula Cahn

December 2
Abraham Joel Malevan, grandfather of Gail LeBauer
Max Piltz, grandfather of Susan Pinsker

December 4
Sylvia Feldman, mother of Ruth Hoffman
Fred Geffen, uncle of Joan Muss
Helen Kapell, grandmother of Mike Nichols
Clara Kersky, mother of Stuart Kersky
Albert Klein, father of Joan Samet, grandfather of Marc Samet & Jerry Samet
Selma Rubinstein, grandmother of Janet Simon
Sam Weinstein, grandfather of Shirley Freedman

December 5
Logan Aronson, nephew of Stuart Teichman
Barbara Jo Myers Banks, sister of Charles Myers
Phyllis Forman, aunt of Marilyn Chandler
Sara Kaplan, grandmother of Scott Kaplan & Randall Kaplan
Solomon Mordechai, uncle of Evelyn Mordechai
Hy Levine
Sally Mendlovitz

December 6
Dora Gothelf, grandmother of John Stein
Yankel Khanatayev, grandfather of Marina Kyazimova
Jennie Levinson, mother-in-law of Rabbi Harry Sky
Harry Mandel, father of David Mandel
Robert Rhodes, father of Catherine Katz
Jack Rosenberg, father of Arlene Henza
Meyer Leader

December 7
Miriam Justman Goldfarb, aunt of Linda Baggish & Paul Saperstein
Louis Nehmen, father of Joseph Nehmen
Ruth Schall, mother-in-law of Beatrice Schall
Donald Koenig

December 8
Bernard Gert, father of Heather Gert, husband of Esther Gert
Gerald Howard Shuman, brother of Robert Schuman
Florence Weiner, mother of David Weiner, mother-in-law of Shelley Weiner

December 9
Morris Finkelstein, father of Sara Jacobs
Ruth Silverman, grandmother of Josef Silverman
Esther Stein, mother of Marian Stein, grandmother of Alyssa Samet
Joseph Ocher
Rose Ocher

December 10
Jacob Haas, uncle of Linda Shapiro
Philip Segal Jr., late-husband of Corky Segal-Waxman
Ruth Levinson Sky, Wife of Rabbi Harry Sky
Helen Wool, grandmother of Tammi Thurm

December 11
Ralph Levy, father of Eileen Silver, Carole Krusch & Alan Bardy
Morris Lundy, grandfather of  Leon Davidowitz & Mark Davidowitz
June Miller, mother of Ken Miller
Moe Steinberg, uncle of Ellen Berlin & Carol Silverman

December 12
Stanley Brodsky, special friend of Mimi Levin
Henrietta Romer

December 13
Marilyn Belenky, wife of Neil Belenky
Tillie Neiditz, mother of Marvin Neiditz
Rebecca Stang

December 14
Ellen Hochheiser, aunt of Sara Raynor
George Katz, uncle of Marsha Cohen
Orrin Nelson, brother of Joan Muss
Ruth Reich, mother of Ellen Ross, grandmother of Brian Ross
Lena Rose, mother of Shirley Kamenetz
Henry Weintraub, father of Richard Weintraub
Herbert Berlin

December 15
Sophie Lakin, grandmother of Marsha Cohen
Allen Leibowitz, father of Loir Heimann
Milton Rice, grandfather of Linda Shapiro
Selma Sokoll, sister of Shirley Fields, aunt of Andrew Fields

December 16
Bea Katz, mother of Mark Katz & Jeffrey Katz
Fannie Krusch, mother-in-law of Carole Krusch, grandmother of Michael Krusch
Richard Miller, brother of Bob Miller

December 17
Max Feldman, father of Ruth Hoffman
Jake Harris, father of Donald Harris
Odessa Ledbetter, mother of John Ledbetter
Hanna Herbst

December 18
Eli Baron, father of Hayim Baron
Beatrice Benson, mother of Scott Benson
Michael Krensky, brother of Jackie Davidowitz
Genia (Jenny) Hoffman Luft, grandmother of Ryan Luft
Freida Schekzer
Aaron Schekzer

December 20
Philip Young, uncle of Ellen Freiberg

December 21
Morris Gandis, father of Arnold Gandis
Jerry Heimann, husband of Lori Heimann
Donald Moskowitz, husband of Rita Moskowitz
Gussie Lambert

December 22
Shirley Gurvis, mother of Dale Gurvis
Jill Lachman, niece of Jeff Medoff, granddaughter of Alan Medoff
Nat Weinstein

December 23
Helen Bernstein, aunt of Steve Cohen
Susan Weinstein Nash, daughter of Helene Weinstein
Jacob Young, grandfather of Ellen Freiberg

December 24
Joseph Callen, uncle of Ellen Ross
Robert Alan Rosenberg, brother of Arlene Henza
Jack Wampler, father-in-law of Eleanor Procton

December 25
Edward Cohen, uncle of Ellen Ross
Bill Davis, father of Becki Davis-Haislip
Noah Plisco, father of Janice Hyman

December 26
Howard Ackerman, father of Arlene McKane
Rose Germain, mother-in-law of Elaine Germaine
Leatrice Gold, step-mother of Jane Nichols
Eugene Krusch, husband of Carole Krusch, father of Michael Krusch, brother-in-law of Alan Bardy  & brother-in-law of Eileen Silver
Marjorie Sugg Nicholson, mother of Caroline Brown
Frieda Trachtenberg, aunt of Stuart Teichman
Pearl Pfeffer

December 27
Max Berlin, father-in-law of Ellen Berlin
Charles Hoffenberg, father-in-law of Muriel Hoff
Myra Levine, sister of Sharon Ershler
Henry Samuel Levinson, husband of Catherine Levinson
Mary Levine

December 28
Shirley Goldklang, mother of Adele Weinstein
Shirley Herbst, mother of Ronnie Herbst
Maurine Nichols, mother of Michael Nichols, wife of Ron Nichols

December 29
Ted Berlin, uncle of Carol Silverman, brother-in-law of Ellen Berlin
Samuel Alexander Kabat, grandfather of Jay Kabat
George Marker, father of David Marker
Yakov Peretz, father of Rita Baron
Esther Warmpler, mother-in-law of Eleanor Procton
Irwin Waranch, father of Terry Waranch

December 30
Herman Bernard, father of Rose Ackermann
Henry Cooper, father of Sue Swartzberg
Eva Davis, mother of Derek Davis
Lester Neiditz, brother of Marvin Neiditz
Robert Pirchesky, father of Eric Pirchesky
Deli Ackermann Stein, sister of Victor Ackermann
Raymond Tannenbaum, uncle of Sig Tannenbaum

December 31
Samuel Berger, brother of Ted Berger
Sylvia Kaplan, mother of David Kaplan, grandmother of Michael Kaplan
Regina Katz, grandmother of Jenny Schultz
Steve Michaelson, husband of Sharman Michaelson
Jacob Rabinowitz, father of Judith Hammer