Yahrzeits – August & September 2018

In the event of a death
Upon the death of a Beth David member or a member’s loved one, please contact Rabbi Ben-Gideon at 608.320.5352 or the synagogue Executive Director, Corie Hampton, at 704.909.9383.  If the death occurs on Shabbat or a Jewish holiday (sundown to sundown), please know our response may be delayed until the holiday ends. 

If you are unable to reach Rabbi Ben-Gideon or Corie Hampton, you may contact Hanes-Lineberry Funeral Home (336.272.5157) or Forbis & Dick Funeral Services (336.275.8408).  These funeral homes have conducted many Jewish funerals in Greensboro.   Let them know you are a member of Beth David Synagogue and they will assist you.memorial-candle-clip-art

*Indicates there is a plaque for the deceased on a Beth David Memorial Board.
If you wish to purchase a yahrzeit plaque for a loved one, please click here, or contact the synagogue office at 336.294.0007.

August 1
Alvin (Chuck) Alpert, father of Lisa Meyerhoffer
*Rose Dulfon, mother of Vicki Strasser
Molly Ross, niece of Elaine Abrams

August 2
*Edward Bardy, father of Alan Bardy, Eileen Silver, Carole Krusch & grandfather of Michael Krusch
Lynn Barker, cousin of Herbert Baum
*Celia Baker

August 3
Nathan Kraus, uncle of Leonard Samet, Norman Samet & Mollie Lafferman
Rabbi Abe W. Schoen, father of Gail Haber

August 4
*Jane Tanger Black, daughter of Doris & Stanley, z”l, Tanger & sister of Susan Nehmen
*Esther Gordon Brown, mother of Thomas Brown
Marvin Donald Massey, father of David Massey
*Robert Pearlman, husband of Sarah Pearlman, father of Fred Pearlman
Dorine Sigal, sister of Jerome Wearb
Jerry Spear, uncle of Ronald Green
*Harold Goldstein

August 5
*Joan Cohen

August 6
*Fannie Coppleman, grandmother of Richard Jacobs
*Elias Mordechai, father of Evelyn Mordechai

August 7
Mary Frances Osborne, mother of Barbara Teichman
*Solomon Rosen

August 8
*Eva Singer

August 9
Lillian Kline, sister of Bernard Gutterman, aunt of Arlene Gutterman & David Gutterman
Grigoriy Loshinsky, father of Roman Loshinsky
Phillip Praver, grandfather of Stuart Kouchel
Gladys Stein, mother of Patricia Stiles
*Harry Weinstock, father of Lewis Weinstock & Joan Fachler

August 10
*Sol Aberman, father of Leah Barker
*Harry Brody, grandfather of Ellen Freiberg
*Stanley B. Kraus, father of Eric Kraus

August 11
*Sam Fishman, father of Carole Kaplan
June Ruth Saks, aunt of Gail LeBauer
Gertrude Bernard Taylor, grandmother of Jeffrey Friedman & aunt of Rose Ackermann

August 12
Louis Grossman, father of Rachel Cohen
*David Sutker, nephew of Stuart Teichman
*Hyman Rosen

August 13
Marjorie Alpert, mother of Lisa Meyerhoffer
*William R. Fields, father of Marc Fields
Irving Kraft, father of Sarah Kraft
Murray Perlman, father of Amy Helton
Hilda Saltzman Unterback, sister of Elly Saltzman

August 14
Rena Fleishman, aunt of Rose Ackermann
Jules Lafferman, brother of David Lafferman
Arthur Zaleon, father of Philip Zaleon
*Roger Schwirck

August 15
*Murray Shane, grandfather of Andrew Herman

August 16
*Zelda Bernard, mother of Rose Ackermann
Louise Dunlea Curtis, mother of Gail Curtis
*Ramon Donal Gold, father of Jane Nichols
*Russell Henza, father of Don Henza, grandfather of Jack Henza
Don G. Nicholson, father of Caroline Brown

August 17
*Joseph Fischer, father of Muriel Hoff
Morris Gold, grandfather of Jane Nichols
Mollie Goldberg, mother of Linda Wearb, grandmother of Brian Kaiser

August 18
*Anna Kaplan, mother of Malcom Kaplan, grandmother of Jillian Reich
*Sarah Simon

August 19
Celia Samet, grandmother of Leonard Samet, Mollie Lafferman & Norman Samet

August 20
*Barry Chelm, brother of Fay Marks
Greta Segall, mother of Sharon Segall
*Renee Skirboll, mother of Robert Skirboll
*Frieda Socol, mother of Alan Socol

August 21
*Emma Bates, mother of Louis Bates, grandmother of Tony Bates
*George Hoff, husband of Muriel Hoff
Sherry Perchik, sister of Helene Weinstein

August 23
William Bernstein, brother-in-law of Robert Weinstein

August 24
Sandra R. Appel, wife of Michael Appel
*Bram Fischler, father of Sylvie Spielman
*Samuel Hyman, father of Stephen Hyman
*Meyer Miller, father of Mark Miller
*Robert Zalkin

August 25
*Rebecca Pearlman, sister of Fred Pearlman, daughter of Sarah Pearlman
Marcia Rosenberg, mother of Arlene Henza

August 26
*Stella Levin, mother of Jack Levin, grandmother of Janis Fields, & Karen Levin
Millicent Rosenthal, mother of Ila Rosenthal
Roz Skoorka, grandmother of Kevin Daniels
Rosalie Waxman, late wife of Frederic Waxman, mother of Ellen Goldenberg

August 27
Harry Germain, father-in-law of Elaine Germain
*Louis Moskowitz, father-in-law of Rita Moskowitz

August 28
*Jordan Harris Bowen, son of Andrew & Andrea Bowen
Elizabeth K. Luchs, mother of Joan LeBauer
*Chalmers Vandall Skaggs, father of Joyce Slakter

August 29
Laurette Gensler, aunt of Greg Gertz
*Otto Spielman, father of Walter Spielman

August 30
Harvey Gerowitz, brother of Marilyn Cherry
Harry Lyons, father of Maxine Yager
*Henrietta Abraham

August 31
Rabbi Dr. Steven Saltzman, son of Elly & Ruth Saltzman

September 1
Maxine Friedman, mother of Martin Friedman
Harry Gerowitz, father of Marilyn Cherry
Beatrice (Bea) Goren, mother of Susan Coseo
*Muriel Lecin, mother of Sue Polinsky & Robin Lecin
*Rebecca Myers, grandmother of Charles Myers
*Cypora Lewin

September 2
Irving Cherry, father of Ken Cherry
Mildred Lurey, mother of Edward Lurey
Thelma Simmons, grandmother of Barbara Eisenberg

September 3
*Arthur Cassell, father of Sara Lee Saperstein & William Cassell
*Lorayne D’Lugin, mother of Jeri D’Lugin
*Lottie Samet, mother of Mollie Lafferman, Norman Samet, Lenny Samet & mother-in-law of Joan Samet
*William Lippman

September 4
*Blanche Bombart, mother of Steve Bombart
*Max (Motty) Fedler, husband of Mankie Fedler, father of Lisa Lasovsky
Louis Waxman, father of Frederic Waxman
*Dora Kistenberg

September 5
Paul Herman, grandfather of Rabbi Miriam Spitzer
Karen Ellsweig Schneider, sister of Robert Ellsweig, aunt of Erick Ellsweig
Charles Tafeen, father of Stuart Tafeen
*Felix Abraham

September 6
*Abraham Kriegsman, father of David Kriegsman
*Miriam Rabinowitz, mother of Judith Hammer

September 7
*Samuel Philip Bunin, son of Zora Bunin
*Harold Gutterman, father of Arlene Gutterman, David Gutterman, brother of Bernard Gutterman, & grandfather of Daniel Fonorow
Nissim Levy, grandfather of Stephen Levy
*Shirley Mandel, mother of David Mandel
Anne Schiff, mother of Joan Schneiderman
Florence Waxman, mother of Frederic Waxman

September 8
Rose Chavkin, grandmother of Robert Chandler

September 9
Anne C Levin, mother of Robert Levin
*Carolyn Rosen

September 10
Leo Appel, father of Michael Appel
Mickey Lieb, father of Paul Lieb
Evelyn Silverman, mother of Sandra Greene
*Herman Falbaum

September 11
Laura Abrahams, aunt of Linda Newman
Evelyn Ellsweig, mother of Robert Ellsweig, grandmother of Erick Ellsweig
Elizabeth Gould, sister of Joshua Gould
Jacob London, great-grandfather of Sara Lee Saperstein & William Cassell
*Avraham Grun

September 12
Jeannette Perell, great-aunt of Rabbi Miriam Spitzer

September 13
Stanley Taylor, grandfather of Jeffrey Friedman

September 14
*Rita Medoff, wife of Alan Medoff, mother of Jeffrey Medoff
George F. Seay, father of Bonnie Miller
Herbert Silverman, father of Sandra Greene

September 15
*Henry Gibson, grandfather of Scott Kaplan & Randall Kaplan
Alexander Grossman, grandfather of Jillian Reich
Beatrice Hoffman, mother of Joshua Hoffman
Joshua Schultz, grandfather of Jenny Schultz
Mannie Sheidler, father of Vivian Sheidler
Eva Stadln, grandmother of David Feinstein
*Herbert Somekh

September 16
*Herman Ruderman, father of Marian Ruderman
Jerome Samet, uncle of David Gray & Sidney Gray
*Harry Sinenberg

September 17
Lenny Dolin, husband of Arlene Dolin
Harold Haber, father of Michele Haber
Harriette Tanger, grandmother of Susan Nehmen
*Scott Burick

September 18
Freda Pitum, mother of Mankie Fedler
*Louis Silver

September 19
Illy Brown, mother of Rabbi Rachel Brown
Celia Heller, grandmother of Peggy Bernstein
Alfred Silfen, brother-in-law of Ruth Silfen
Pauline Wernick, mother of Joan Bates & grandmother of Tony Bates
*Bernard Fleisher

September 20
Moe Tanger, grandfather of Susan Nehmen
*Laura Weinstein, mother of Robert Weinstein
*Issakhar Cohen

September 21
Alex Sable, grandfather of Philip Cuppett
John Sutphin, father of Brenda Dodd

September 22
Isadore Gurvis, father of Dale Gurvis
Sylvia Merlin, aunt of Josef Silverman

September 23
Ileane Bergman, wife of Howard Bergman
Hyman Goldberg, father of Howard Goldberg
*Daniel Green, father of Ricki Gray & grandfather of Dani Luft
*Ludwig Guthmann, father of Peter Guthmann
*Marilyn Nelson, mother of Frank Nelson

September 24
Irving (Yitzhak) Block, brother of Mimi Levin
May Cohen, grandmother of Ellen Samet
Keith Krate, brother of Kathe Pines
*Afroim Lewin

September 25
Akiva David Saltzman, grandson of Elly & Ruth Saltzman

September 26
Wendy Herz, sister of Nancy Brenner
Arthur Weiss, cousin of Linda Newman

September 27
Paul Connelly, father of Carol Rosenberg
Mollie Robbins, mother of Bill Robbins
*Mayer Weinstein, father of Deborah Miller

September 28
*Dora Berkelhammer, grandmother of Michael Berkelhammer, Ellen Berlin & great-grandmother of Carol Silverman
Aaron Schandler, father of Linda Newman, brother-in-law of Deborah Schandler
*Anna Fedler, grandmother of Lisa Lasovsky, mother-in-law of Mankie Fedler

September 30
*Isadore Alperin, father of Nancy Gutterman
Benny Forman, grandfather of Marilyn Chandler
Sylvia Friedman, mother of Diane Falkowitz
Hella Kolari, grandmother of Mindy Kutchei
*Sue Weil Nichols, late wife of Mike Nichols
Milton Panzer, father of Kate Panzer
*Max Abraham