Yahrzeit Listing – May 2017

Beth David Yahrzeit: May 2017


*Indicates there is a plaque for the deceased on a Beth David Memorial Board.
If you wish to purchase a yahrzeit plaque for a loved one, please click here, or contact the synagogue office at 336.294.0007.

April 28
Anna Zalkin, mother-in-law of Harriett Zalkin

April 29
William Kuhrman, father of Nancy Summerell
Matilda Levinsky, mother of Ruth Saltzman, grandmother of Sarra Kaplan
*Priscilla Feiner

April 30
*Esther Rosenstock, Mother of Judith Hyman, grandmother of Mark Hyman & Michael Hyman
*Joe Richman

May 1
*Salomon Sabbah, father-in-law of Zmira Sabbah, grandfather of Leeor Sabbah & Ronee Sabbah
*Jacke Samet, father of Mollie Lafferman, Leonard Samet & Norman Samet, father-in-law of Joan Samet, grandfather of Marc Samet, Jerry Samet, Leslye Tuck & Arthur Samet
William Schwartz, father of Elaine Germain
Abraham Sclar, uncle of Ellen Nelson

May 2
*Kimberly Susan Bates, daughter of Louis & Joan Bates, sister of Tony Bates
*Jacob Bershtein, father of Hinda Berkelhammer, grandfather of Kelly Drew
Kenny Lebensberger, uncle of Linda Shapiro
Isaac Marcos Rosenhek, father of Simara Levi
*Diane Weinstock, mother of Joan Fachler & Lewis Weinstock

May 3
Alfred Freiberger, step-father of Marilyn Chandler
Cecelia Tziparah Katz, mother of Noe Katz
*Hans Mayer, grandfather of Philip Silver
*Hy Toback, father of Sharon Kaiser

May 4
*Julian Barker, husband of Leah Barker
Ida Eisen, grandmother of Michele Haber
Jaim Olegnowicz, father of Yocheved Katz

May 5
Ann F. Gale, mother of Sue Lutins
Hannah Weisberger, mother of Eugene Weisberger

May 6
Miriam Brenner, mother of Frank Brenner
*Benjamin Snyder, uncle of Stuart Teichman
*Joseph Wernick, father of Joan Bates, grandfather of Tony Bates

May 7
*Jack Polon, father of Phyllis Shavitz, grandfather of Steve Shavitz

May 8
Roslyn Denemark, sister of Linda Wearb
Mary Lou Helton, mother of Michael Helton
Eva Lynn, grandmother of Diane Falkowitz

May 9
*Sammy Anflick, husband of Miriam Anflick
Peter Crawford, father of Catherine Kouchel
*Allen Freiberg, husband of Ellen Freiberg
Sigmond Shapiro, father of Mark Shapiro

May 10
Anna Colodney, grandmother of Lewis Weinstock & Joan Fachler
Emmanuel Glick, father of David Glick
Mildred Herman, grandmother of Rabbi Miriam Spitzer
*Julian Kabat, father of Jay Kabat
Marian Karp, mother of Sonya Lukas
Leza Lichtin, mother of Sylvia Samet, grandmother of Leslye Tuck & Arthur Samet
*Morris Myers, uncle of Charles Myers
Uriel Chaim Pitum, father of Mankie Fedler, grandfather of Lisa Lasovsky
*Isaac Stein, relative of John Stein

May 11
Annabelle Chasen, sister of Deborah Schandler
*Elsie Cherson, mother of Marilyn Cherson
*David Fields, husband of Shirley Fields, father of Andrew Fields
Hela Margulies, step-mother of Nancy Brenner
Kenneth Yager, son of Maxine Yager
Dorothy Yellin, great-grandmother of Rachel Darrow

May 12
Pearl Backer, mother of Anita Rubin
Jody Kaufman, sister-in-law of Stuart Kaufman
Theda Levenson, aunt of Lori Heimann
Larry Murinson, brother of Donald Murinson
Yefim Rabayev, father of Anatoliy Rabayeva

May 13
Alvin Wolff, father of Renee’ Garfinkel

May 14
Clair Jamison, father of Kathy Kraus
Stewart Schall, husband of Beatrice Schall
*Jay Brendt Scheer, nephew of Sidney Gray & David Gray

May 15
*Eva Kaplan, mother of Stuart Kaplan
Martha Kintzing, mother of Deborah Kintzing
Leah Neerman, mother of Sam Neerman

May 17
*Billie Berkelhammer, mother of Michael Berkelhammer, aunt of Carol Silverman & Ellen Berlin
Ed Goldenberg, father of Marc Goldenberg
Harold A. Verner, father of Ellen Tannenbaum

May 18
Marlin Freedman, husband of Shirley Freedman
Adele Gross, mother of Adrienne Johnson

May 19
*Joel Berkelhammer, husband of Mary Berkelhammer, brother of Ellen Berlin, uncle of Carol Silverman
Jim Forbes, father of Jamie Forbes
Frieda Sheidler, mother of Vivian Sheidler

May 20
Minnie Appel, mother of Michael Appel
Frank J. Luchs, father of Joan LeBauer

May 21
*Hermine Biller, wife of Robert Biller

May 22
Lena Cohen, grandmother of Ellen Ross
*Paul Diamond, father of Frances Bombart
Jack M. Gale, father of Sue Lutins
*Maurice Krensky, father of Jackie Davidowitz
Donald Maurice, son-in-law of Michael Appel
*Morton Silver, brother of Fredel Neiditz
*William Stang, father-in-law of Howard Weinberg
Helen Wineburgh, mother of Terrie Jacobsson

May 23
*Harvey Berg, father of Ellen Samet
Harry Ershler, uncle of Donald Harris & Mort Ershler
Sidney LeBauer Jr., brother of Eugene LeBauer, Joseph LeBauer & Samuel LeBauer

May 24
*Rhona Leftin, grandmother of Kevin Ossey
Lillie Kahn Mendelson, grandmother of Steve Mendelson
Philip Abraham Silver, grandfather of Philip Silver

May 25
*Pyrle Gibson, grandmother of Randall Kaplan & Scott Kaplan
Melissa Koppel, niece of Ronnie Grabon & Ellen Gerber
Joe Schwartz, step-father of Nancy Brenner

May 26
Isidore Meschan, father of David Meschan

May 27
Julian Lewit, father of Eliot Lewit
Esther Weinstock, grandmother of Lewis Weinstock & Joan Fachler

May 28
*Gertrude Milgrim, mother of Sharon Ershler
Margaret Pollak, mother of Laura Pollak

May 29
Samuel Silfen, father-in-law of Ruth Silfen

May 30
Sherwyn Drew, father of Glenn Drew
Sandra Heckelman, mother of Jac Heckelman
Mildred Pollack, grandmother of Alex Aronson

May 31
Joseph Leslie Rogers, father of Adele Harris
*Saul Ross, father of Allan Ross, grandfather of Brian Ross
Morris Stein, father of Daniel Stein