Yahrzeit Listing – April 2017

Beth David Yahrzeit: April 2017


*Indicates there is a plaque for the deceased on a Beth David Memorial Board.
If you wish to purchase a yahrzeit plaque for a loved one, please click here, or contact the synagogue office at 336.294.0007.

April 1
Aaron Kaplan, grandfather of Erica Aronson
David Lefkowitz, father of Zelda Breslow, grandfather of David Gutterman & Arlene Gutterman
Annie Park, grandmother of Marilyn Cherry
Irving Roth, uncle of Harriett Zalkin

April 2
*Florence Jacobson, wife of Albert Jacobson
Leon R. Levenson, father-in-law of Rabbi Harry Sky
Dora Lozea, aunt of Rabbi Harry Sky
Helen Unger, aunt of Joan Gould
*Sam Sapashnik

April 3
Shirley Medoff, mother of Alan Medoff, grandmother of Jeffrey Medoff
Abraham Jack Tannenbaum, father of Sigmund Tannenbaum
Sol H. Yellin, grandfather of Rachel Darrow

April 4
Hermina Gerber, grandmother of Ronnie Grabon, mother of Lennie Gerber
Pearl Lipman, mother of Murray Lipman

April 5
David Natkin, father of Gerald Natkin
Estelle Reiss, mother of Marshall Reiss
*Anna Unger, grandmother of Joan Gould

April 6
Jason Redlener, nephew of Elyse Tafeen
*Doris Pfeffer
*Morris Singer
*Victor Kaiser

April 7
*Minna Lewin Freiberg, mother-in-law of Ellen Freiberg
Richard Harris, brother of Donald Harris, cousin of Mort Ershler
*Harold Kaplan, father of Lenny Kaplan
Semen Shoykhet, father of Marina Kyazimova, husband of Sarra Shoykhet
*Aaron Forman

April 8
Arthur Segall, father of Sharon Segall
Chayim Sky, father of Rabbi Harry Sky, grandfather of Rina Wolfgang
*Burt Romer

April 9
*Blanche Lyon, mother of Shirley Freedman
*Wilbert Selman, husband of Jetta Selman

April 10
Mollie Auslander, mother of Richard Auslander
Nathan Dreyfus, grandfather of Sharon Kaiser
David Platt, step-father of Susan Stevens
*Rose Myers

April 11
David William Chandler, brother of Robert Chandler
Harry Kaplan, grandfather of Terrie Jacobsson
Irving Schwartz, father of Doris Tanger, grandfather of Susan Nehmen
Herman Weinstock, grandfather of Lewis Weinstock & Joan Fachler

April 12
*Rose Block, mother of Mimi Levin
Sylvia Gray, mother of Sidney Gray & David Gray, grandmother of Dani Luft
Rose Manning, grandmother of Kathy Manning
*Benno Freiberg

April 13
Barnett Silver, father of Fredel Neiditz
*Hannah Kirshner

April 14
Leon Globman, uncle of Kenneth Greene
*Henry Samet
*Scott Schwirck

April 15
Helen Labell, mother of Lyn Labell
David Minkofsky, father of Marsha Cohen
*Maurice “Chico” Sabbah, husband of Zmira Sabbah, father of Leeor and Ronee Sabbah
Moishe Starobin, father of Joseph Starobin
*Meyer Levine
*Emma Lesan

April 16
*Arthur Kaplan, uncle of Randall Kaplan & Scott Kaplan
Louis Kaplan, father of Phyllis Jerome, grandfather of Judith Altman
Bertha Elowitch Murinson, mother of Donald Murinson
Anna Wolf, mother of Melody Glick

April 17
*Roberta Sutker, sister of Stuart Teichman
*Charles Bluthe

April 18
Sylvia Cooper, mother of Sue Swartzberg
Norman Hekler, father of Erica Herman
Bobby Tuck, father of Marshall Tuck
*Sadie Nemeth

April 19
*Leonard J. Kaplan, father of Randall Kaplan & Scott Kaplan
Anna Lefkowitz, grandmother of David Gutterman & Arlene Gutterman, mother of Zelda Breslow
Mary Pepper Segal, mother-in-law of Corky Segal-Waxman

April 20
*Samuel Lafferman, father of David Lafferman
*Jack Lynch
*Annie Siegel

April 21
*Arthur Feibus, father of Elaine Abrams
Ruth Gamburg, mother of Betsy Gamburg
*Carrie Ruderman, mother of Marian Ruderman Weinstock
*Jack Lesan

April 22
Albert Baum, uncle of Herbert Baum
*Julius Fisher, father of Sarah Pearlman, grandfather of Fred Pearlman
*David Leise, father of Esther Leise
Betty Mendelson, grandmother of Becki Davis-Haislip
Mollie Roth, aunt of Harriett Zalkin
*Lora Silver, mother of Philip Silver

April 23
Herman Bretan, father of Charles Bretan
*Robert Friedman, father of Jeffrey Friedman

April 24
Samuel Meyer Daniel, father of Zora Bunin
*Louis Dulfon, father of Vicki Strasser
Charlotte Falk, mother of Michael Falk, Susan Green & grandmother of Harry Falk
Celia Lipson, mother of Arlene Dolin
James Wilkes, uncle of Lisa Meyerhoffer
*Carl Huffman

April 25
Dorothy Ackerman, mother of Arlene McKane
*Irvin Corman, father of Jed Corman
Charlotte Kaplan, aunt of Jeff Katz & Mark Katz
Bernard Kouchel, father of Stuart Kouchel
*Minnie Tilles, mother of Harvey Tilles
*Jacob Coppleman
*Solomon Greenberg

April 26
Mickey Lipson, father of Arlene Dolin
Marie Marks, mother of Linda Shapiro
Joseph Schandler, uncle of Linda Newman, brother-in-law of Deborah Schandler
*Helen Weinstein, mother of Deborah Miller
*Myra Stang

April 27
Beth Rosenberg Herman, sister of Stanley Rosenberg
*Sid Sutker, brother of Edith Peiser

April 28
Anna Zalkin, mother-in-law of Harriett Zalkin

April 29
William Kuhrman, father of Nancy Summerell
Matilda Levinsky, mother of Ruth Saltzman, grandmother of Sarra Kaplan
*Priscilla Feiner

April 30
*Esther Rosenstock, Mother of Judith Hyman, grandmother of Mark Hyman & Michael Hyman
*Joe Richman